Fui June Loo

Been involved with fandom marketing for close to 10 years and am very equipped with knowledge on social media platforms and influencers. I have a huge interest in pop culture, the media and the entertainment world. I am skilled in Event Management, Public Relations and Social Media Marketing with years of experience and involvement in fandom projects and volunteering leadership. I've been recognised by singer/song-writer Greyson Chance multiple times on my passion of creating fan art, promotions and PR for him in both worldwide and in Malaysia (physical events).

"Why Football?"

The aim of the video is to understand why Malaysians socially accept football as a common sport of unity. It includes the history of football in Malaysia and is followed up with parents talking about why they send their kids to play football as well as women’s football.

"Meet Sense"

Created this and traced this using Adobe Illustrator during my first year in university.

PR Writings

Here's some PR articles I've wrote during my second year of university. https://thefuijune.wixsite.com/assignment/blog

Promo piece for Greyson Chance new single

A promo social media post for Greyson's "Shut Up" single.

Infographic of Kuala Lumpur

Some fun facts of Kuala Lumpur made easy for tourists for a quick understanding of the vibrant capital city of Malaysia.

PR Media Advisory

An example of a work I did which was part of the media kit to be sent to the media.