Jane Trukhanova

I am an aspiring creative producer with extensive experience working on photo and video media projects. As a part of my degree, I have made a short documentary film as well as a documentary-style photo project, completed a series of research essays in the field of media and cultural studies and created a creative campaign for a company as a part of a team. I consider my strongest skills to be environmental portraiture and creative writing.


A piece from a series of environmental portraits which features international students from different cultural backgrounds.

That's what she said

A photo from a project in which I explored sexism and sexualization of females in the DJ community.

Human race I don't feel so good

A triple exposed film photo from a project which explores the duality of our reality. Can we break through the stories and the narratives that we have created for ourselves?

Tobacco Factory Sunday Market

A video piece which features short overview and interviews with some of the Tobacco Factory's Sunday market traders. In this project I explored the effect of Southville's gentrification and Tobacco Factory's reconstruction on the life of people from the local area.