Jodie Donelan


I am an enthusiastic individual, whom is inquisitive, creative and hardworking. I have the passion and skills to work with contemporary media to create impressive visuals, and to reach for new possibilities in creative digital practice. The ability to create something to showcase vital areas of importance, such as poverty and social and cultural inequalities through a creative narrative is a passion of mine. I have a vast amount of interest for creative communication practices in bringing narratives to life through interactive, artistic and compelling ways. My interests in media culture vary from interactive documentaries, video production, photography, website design and creative and cultural studies research.

Achievements & Experience

I have recently attained a First Class Honours in Media Culture and Communication after studying three years at UWE. In addition, I have been awarded the Tangent Books Prize for Media Writing and Practice for my final year dissertation and my media production projects. My dissertation explored the potential of online media for young people, and whether this could be determined as a contemporary form of activism and political participation; a relevant topic in an evolving digital society we live in today.

Completing University has been an achievement within its self, however, I have been fortunate to have work experience and develop valuable professional skills. Last summer, I solely managed the marketing and digital media regeneration for a maritime engineering company. I created an in budget and successful marketing plan to boost the companies digital footprint, utilising my video editing skills, social media knowledge and creative ideas.

Featured Projects:

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Active Citizens: How New Media Facilitates an Ecology of Resistance and Political Participation in Young People Today

This dissertation involves a highly pertinent topic; social media activism, which correlates to the recent Black Lives Matter movement. It will be interesting to see in the near future whether the power of social media is effectively harnessed by this social and cultural movements.

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#SpeakOutForSoil launched as a creative campaign strategy to engage and inform a chosen target audience of young school children on the health issues of soil. This was encapsulated by presenting an idea in front of the client and compiling a 4000 word individual report based on communicative theoretical ideas.

Ecology of Resistance Interactive Documentary

This interactive documentary explores the active citizen; there is a clear sense of activism in modern Britain today. Subsequently, this online art piece focuses on particular characters, looking into their lives through photography, sound and video, asking the question: Are you an Activist? Please follow the link below @:

(Mis) Representations Interactive Documentary

(Mis) Representations is an interactive documentary exploring the negative portrayal of young people in media and society. This piece started off as a research project with an older and younger focus group, to gather fascinating data and ended as an honest discourse of youth. Please follow the link: