Saejal Sisodia

I am a digital content creator: combining my creative insight for design with web development in order to imaginatively deliver engaging and thought-provoking media.

After completing my degree at the University of the West of England, I've been fortunate enough to learn and experience a taste for life as a photographer, web designer and project manager. Through my degree, internship and placement during my sandwich year, I've not only been given the tools to sharpen my skillset as a graphic designer and front-end developer, but I've also had the opportunity to creatively investigate different avenues of digital media through

these projects. I hope to continue this exploration of immersive digital media through work.

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Private Thoughts, Public Posts [Images]

A visual project using the contrast of diary entries versus posts on social media to explore the disparity and struggle between digital and personal worlds.

Private Thoughts, Public Posts [Film]

Moments that haven't been shared before: this film gives a glimpse into my offline identity, with an accompanying narration that reframes this project in order that the audience can question their own experiences of personal and public identity.