Through the process of screen print I create original one-off works of art predominately on paper. Using the screen as a drawing tool I explore the relationship between colour, shape and pattern.

My main inspiration comes from geometry and through synthesising the world around me I create depth and illusion in my work using pattern. Implementing my own systematic way of printmaking I adapt and respond to the work as it evolves on the page. Intuitively making decisions about the balance of tone and colour I allow the process to define the outcome.

Playing with the transparency of colour

and understanding its interaction enables me to layer the ink in predictable and unpredictable ways, allowing the synergy to redefine the work and find balance between the chaos and control.

Perpetual Cubes

The core of my work is anchored in the exploration of one shape, the hexagon. Singularly, the hexagon is still, flat, complete. When multiplied, overlaid, varied in colour and opacity, it presents an infinite realm of possibilities, it morphs and disguises itself amongst other forms, it creates movement, rhythm, illusion.