Much of my art comes from an affinity with raw organic materials found in the natural world, and the intuitive process of making. I pick up a leaf, a twig, a thorn, a stone - and each presents me with a characteristic, a potential personality, an attitude, an emotion. I read a language in its stance, the angles of the twigs and leaves. Together they create a visual conversation, a narrative. This resulted in these leaf, twig and paper structures which collectively represent shelter, community and security. We have so much need for this in our current world.<br

/> My creations in print, 3D and paper cuts are usually representational, concentrated on form and pattern often inspired by the environment of my North Devon home. I love to draw by cutting, stitching and making - transforming simple materials into 3D forms and narratives.

Prickly Customer

This anthropomorphic piece developed into a character with attitude. The aggressive blackthorn spikes combine with a swagger - yet the materials imply fragility and vulnerability. It is not what it seems. Plane leaves, blackthorns and cotton thread.17cm X 10cm X 10cm

The Watchman

Inspired by the WW2 Maunsell Sea Forts, this paper structure was constructed on inverted willow twigs. In the visual narrative this anthropological figure watches over the cluster of delicate shelters, alert to threats, keeping them safe. Waxed paper, cotton thread and willow twigs 40x25x18cm


Stilted shelters, offering protection, camouflage and sanctuary. They interact, cluster, nestle together. Yet as the drying willow contorts, they stagger, and become more fragile and vulnerable with time. Waxed paper, willow twigs, linen and cotton thread. Each approx. 13x15x12cm

The Guardian

This structure was suspended from the top of an inverted natural cluster of Ash twigs. Overall there is an elegance and tentative nature in its stance, yet it has stability and certainty of direction while protecting a cache-like pod. Ash twig, waxed paper and cotton thread 38 x 40 x20

Meeting place

The twigs suggest a central point, but it is exposed, lacking sure footing with only partial fragile covering. Yet open to all. Willow twigs, linen thread and plane leaves 28 x 26 x 18cm

Lodge 1 (Detail)

Folded leaves promote geometric structures when stitched together. Despite the ephemeral and transitory nature of the material, poplar leaves create sturdy and comforting structures as they dry and dessicate with time. They resemble indigenous nomadic shelters conjured from the landscape. Robust and remarkably protective from the elements.