Kate is a painter and a printmaker. She initially studied and worked in the field of architecture and she is inspired by the built environment in the context of the natural world.

Kate’s work aims to discover the accidental poetry in the commonplace. The work takes as its theme the buildings, structures and spaces of urban life, particularly in the ‘edgelands’, the functional rather than picturesque areas which are often over-looked or taken for granted. The work explores the fictions of solidity and stasis, represented by architecture, versus those of fluidity and change represented by transport routes and nature.


artworks function both as literal records of the urban environment and metaphorical studies which leave interpretation open to the viewer. The buildings depicted become containers for projected emotions, representing loss, grief, expansiveness, pathos or joy.

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Start where you are

A book of ink and watercolour paintings documenting an urban lane in East Bristol, collected on psychogeographic walks round the city and guided by the Zen principle of ‘starting where you are’. Ink and gouache on watercolour paper. Original painting size 39.5 x 27.5cm. Book size 24 x 27cm

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Small Buildings

A collection of twenty prints of small buildings in the public realm, including electricity sub-stations, public toilets, estate offices and football pitch shelters. Card intaglio prints, 14.8 x 10.5cm, on Somerset paper. Book size 25 x 20cm

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The Lost Toilets of Bristol

A book of fourteen drawings of public toilets closed by Bristol City Council in 2018. This concertina book will be made into a printed edition in future, once access to studios is possible. Fineliner pen on detail paper. Book size 13 x 10.5cm.

Pylon Transparencies

A series of prints based on electricity pylons, layered to create shifting patterns of foreground and shadow. Cardboard intaglio prints on translucent Japanese Gampi paper. Size 38 x 51cm

Exhibition of printed hangings

A 'virtual' exhibition of printed hangings. Pylon images printed onto translucent material, exploring concepts of scale and perspective. The hanging arrangement of prints allows the viewer to construct their own multiple viewpoints in an immersive environment. Proposed print size: 70 x 400cm.

Exhibition view

A 'virtual' exhibition showing some of my MA work in a gallery space. From left to right: St Philips urban walk drawing, 216 x 50cm; Small Buildings grid of prints; 6 paintings from the series 'Start where you are'; Silverthorne Lane Backs, drawing and monoprint, 244 x 55cm