I am an illustrator and printmaker. I like to work digitally as well as to use a hand on approach such as screen print and linocut. My style is minimal and essential, I like to use a few clean lines to create an image.
My work focuses on raising awareness around environmental and mental health themes. My approach to these issues has been to explore the relationship between humans and nature through different medias. I get most of my inspiration from natural elements and personal feelings towards issues that I care about.
Through my artworks I want to remind

the viewer to slow down, notice nature and reconnect with it.

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Illustrated guide and journal with support material for clients and therapists working with eco-anxiety. The final product of this research doesn’t claim to be a definitive tool but a visual support that can be matched with didactic contents produced by experts.

Do you see what I see?

"Do you see what I see?" is a handmade notebook with a message: avoid single-use plastic, think and start a zero waste life


Exploring the complex relationship between humans and nature through a couple's relationship