Stephanie Symonds The Girl Who Grew Antlers

I am a multidisciplinary print maker exploring narrative, folktale and nature. Combining photography and print with a heavy focus on experimentation within established techniques.

Curiosity plays a fundamental role in my creative process, and the nature of much of my work means that often each print is unique. Deterioration of the original image due to the corruption of traditional technique is something I find fascinating, opposing the foundation of the print discipline by making each image singular and unpredictable.

My next ambition as an artist is to move into book binding and combine my experimental print work to create

a full narrative.

Winters Gift

Photopolymer Etching: Melted frost on spiders web.

Match Girl

Screen Print Mono Print: watercolors painted onto mesh screen then flooded with medium to print. Experimentation in mark making. An exploration of The Little Match Girl story.


Photopolymer Etching: White spirit poured over multi-colour inked plate. Fairy tales take place in the woods and our heroine can not outrun the end of her tale.

Silent Voices

Photopolymer Etching: photo-collage of prints, negatives and found objects. Exploration of the fairy tale Diamonds and Toads.


Photopolymer Etching: White spirit smudged into photopolymer plate, second pull.

Illuminated-Second Pull

Photopolymer Etching. Bracket fungus at night, second pull of inked plate.