Josh Adam Jones

Josh Adam Jones is British photographer whose work often centres around stories of misrepresented places and the people who live there. From ageing Irish populations in British towns and cities to the expatriate communities of Oman, Josh hopes to facilitate conversations about identity, home and interculturalism through his work. In his most recent ongoing series (Sometimes A Silence Will Cut Through Sounds), Josh explores the therapeutic applications of photography in response to his Grandfather passing away and a family history of mental health problems.

He has been commissioned by Ffotogallery (Cardiff) and British Council for The Place I Call Home:

an international project and travelling exhibition. His work has been displayed at Stal Gallery (Muscat), Copeland Gallery (London), Summerhall (Edinburgh) and featured in publications such as British Journal of Photography, It’s Nice That and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

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Sometimes a Silence Will Cut Through Sounds

Last year, my paternal Grandfather passed away. It was the first personal experience of death and the grief that followed. I needed to process this life event somehow, and making this work acted as a form of therapy, helping to alleviate ongoing issues too.

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Star Wars Families

Commissioned by Lucasfilm and British Journal of Photography, Star Wars Families explores the unique stories of how Star Wars touched 10 families and the role that Star Wars has played in their lives, while paying tribute to the universal and intergenerational nature of Star Wars fandom.

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Since beginning the series in 2018, XO has been supported by Ffotogallery and British Council through an international project - The Place I Call Home. The work investigates expatriation, national identity and also invites hand written contributions from the people involved.

The Place I Call Home

Featuring the project XO, The Place I Call Home has reached an international audience via seven different countries, ten exhibitions and numerous workshops, talks and engagement activities. Commissioned by Ffotogallery and British Council.