Alixandra Jane

As a conceptual photographer currently based in Bristol and South Wales, my work expresses themes of identity and mental health and regularly conveys the human form and self-portraiture. The photographs I create often feature forms of mixed media, as seen in my most recent project 'I Am A Mask', where I self-constructed the featured masks, and others such as 'Colour Theory' where I painted backdrops to portray the models' personas.

My graduate project, 'I Am A Mask', featured below, is a personal exploration of mental health, combining self-portraits, masquerade and landscapes to represent the heightened emotional responses of Borderline Personality

Disorder and the visual hallucinations of Schizophrenia. The black and whites create a hide and seek narrative that is representative of my experiences with Schizophrenia, whereas the self-constructed masks each represent a feeling brought on by BPD. Please visit my website to see more.