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Amy Goodban is a Bristol based photographer who has dedicated her practice to educating people about climate change and making information about it accessible to everyone. Amy’s work is a thoughtful documentation of how we treat the world around us, and our relationship with the natural environment. She has always felt at home amongst nature and is fascinated by similarities between the human body and the planet, which she explores in both ‘The Silver Birch’ and her ongoing project, ‘Skin’. Amy has also worked alongside community projects such as the Bridge Farm Development in Bristol to document and educate about sustainable living.

Through subtle comparisons and thought-provoking imagery, Amy aims to encourage positive change and environmental awareness. She hopes that her work will excite people to make small changes and sustainable choices that will have a positive impact on our environment.

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The Silver Birch

The Silver Birch is an exploration of the natural environment and the human body. Looking at the fragility of both, I hope to encourage people to think about how we treat the world around us.

The Silver Birch, 2020, Amy Goodban

The Silver Birch

This work draws visual comparisons between nature and the body, to encourage us to question why we look after and repair our bodies, but destroy our natural environment- the same environment that fills our lungs and the environment that we cannot survive without.

The Silver Birch, 2020, Amy Goodban

The Silver Birch

This project is an expression of all the things my body has been through, and all the times it has been taped up and put back together. It is also a thought-provoking documentation of the environment, near which I grew up, being destroyed around me whilst I continue to grow.