Elisa Ruggirello

Elisa Ruggirello is a photographer and filmmaker currently based in Bristol. Her projects are often personal and inspired by the desire to tell the stories of those close to her.

Regina Mundi, 2020.

Far from Home

'Far from Home' tells the story of my dad, Claudio, and his group of friends who grew up together in an institution called the Regina Mundi in the early 1960s in Italy.

The Lake District, 2018.

Terra Firma

My ancestors from my mother’s side came from The Lake District. 'Terra Firma' is a project about the journey I took together with my mother, her siblings and my grandmother to discover the places where my 5th Great-Grandparents once lived.


'Tundra' is a project that explores the unusual and unique landscapes of the Azores, Portugal.

Natalie Bee, World Champion Kickboxer.

'Natalie Bee' is a short documentary film made over the course of 10 weeks that focuses on the story of a retired three times world champion kickboxer based in Poole, UK.