Eva Watkins


Eva is an award winning photographer currently based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, but relocating to London. She specialises in analogue portrait photography, seeking to demonstrate the relationship between her subject and their surroundings. Her main inspiration has come from groups of people who pursue a left field approach to life. Through her projects Eva aims to work collaboratively and build relationship with those she photographs.

Eva was selected for the 'Portrait of Britain' back in 2019 and recently won the APHE + Photomeet Bursary. Her work has been featured on platforms such as Kodak and The Photographers Gallery.

Eva is moving to London to pursue a creative career assisting photographers, accepting commissions and working on her own personal projects.

Achievements & Experience

2020: Photo Meet + APHE Grant
2019: Winner of British Journal of Photography’s Portrait of Britain

2020: The Photographers Gallery
2020: Kodak
2020: Anywhere Blvd Interview
2020: Float Magazine
2020: The South West Collective
2020: Photograd Online Gallery
2020: Loupe Magazine
2019: The South West Collective
2019: British Journal of Photography: Portrait of Britain by Hoxton Mini Press
2018: The Bristol Magazine

2020: South West Collective Online Exhibition
2020: Shutterhub Yearbook Exhibition
2020: Photograd Online Degree Show
2020: You Make Bristol - M-shed
2019: JCDecaux - British Journal of Photography: Portrait of Britain - Showcased around the UK
2019: Circus - Alchemy 198 Bristol
2019: Old Salt - Bower Ashton UWE

2019-Current: Loupe Magazine Social Media Assistant
2020: Assistant to Jon Tonks
2020: Assistant to Rosie Foster
2019: Assistant to Dan Wood


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Featured Projects:

Synchronised Swimming

The unique synchronised swimming group initially formed to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of Henleaze Swimming Lake, consisting of 80 people aged between 11-76 and of mixed genders. Over time this group has created a space where strong friendships have formed, enabling them to share life moments.

Synchronised Swimming

This is representational of their relationships; with one another and to the challenging environment. Working as a team and within the water has substantial benefits for mental and physical wellbeing. Water immersion releases Oxytocin providing a feeling of calm and positivity, which allows bonds to form at a deeper level.

Synchronised Swimming

My inspiration has come from groups of people who pursue a left field approach to life, working collaboratively with them, and building a relationship. I miss working with the team. The laughs and giggles as they would strike a pose. Hopefully I can continue working with them soon.

Synchronised Swimming

Liz, who is one of my university tutors, introduced me to the synchronised swimming team. “Being part of the synchro team makes me feel like I’m back in a school sports team - it’s such a laugh and so liberating! We are all very dedicated to our practice."

Synchronised Swimming

Synchronised Swimming