Izabelle Dodd


I am a portrait and documentary photographer whose recent work with people explores the relationship between fabric and form. Combining my imagination with current themes in today society, I like to experiment with textures and colours; recreating characters, telling stories and putting myself into the work. Recently, I have dived into self-portraiture, which has allowed me to grow as an artist, slowing down my thinking and process down regarding the narrative of my photos.

Photography to me offers a chance to put what I see in my imagination into practice, I embrace new methods of working and explore different outcomes, as I can only learn from the experience.

Achievements & Experience


Assisted photographer Christine Taylor on a three-day food shoot for the brand The Food Collective
Assisted Rhea Thierstein on a set designer job to show sustainability in the home
Assisted Naomi Wood on an editorial photoshoot for the Financial Times


Created and held an exhibition for my Cross-Fit series at the canteen, Bristol


Photographed a creative writing course for their masters degree
Photographer for MOVE IN 3D, taking pictures for their website and instagram
Photographing website imagery for BacktoBack

Featured Projects:

Self- Portrait

Finding my new found confidence in my body and mindset, I wanted to demonstrate how important self growth is.

Anna Karenina

I recreated some of my favourite characters from Leo Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina'. Wanting to capture their characteristics and emotions, I created editorial portraits.

Deleting gender

Exploring how gender rules our society today, I put my subject into 'female' clothing to see how an audience would react; would this make the subject less or more masculine?


Looking at female and male Cross-Fit body types, I wanted to demonstrate the beauty and strength, in the dedication and hard work.

Jane Eyre

As part of my self-portrait series, I looked at aspects of my own personality: my love for costume and character plays a huge part of who I am. I dressed up as Jane Eyre - as I felt we shared similar attributes, her honesty and confidence I admire.

Deleting Gender

Exploring how gender rules our society today I put my subject into 'female' clothing to see how an audience would react; would this make the subject less or more masculine?