Katherine Barnes

Katherine Barnes is a commercial, architectural and portrait photographer. Her graduate project 'Shapes and Shadows', focuses on the composition, lines and shapes of buildings, often abstracting elements to accentuate interesting forms.

Katherine has worked alongside architectural photographer John Seaman, to assist and photograph important buildings such as the Bristol Museum and Pegasus School in Patchway, among other commissions. Upon graduating from her BA, Katherine wishes to pursue a career as an architectural photographer.

Shapes and Shadows

This photograph was taken at the Barbican Centre in London, capturing the abstract shadows and lines.

This is the Barbican centre taken from a distance portraying its colour, shapes and focusing on the building as a whole.

This photo is taken at Bourne Hill Station in Salisbury. It includes abstraction by focusing on the reflection from the trees.

This is the Copper House in Bristol. A tilt shift lens is used so that the lines of this image would be on eye level perspective. It also incorporated colour and nature within this image.

This image was photographed in Redcliffe. The image uses different tones of blue as well as incorporating nature.