Lucas Birtles


Lucas Birtles is a photographer, writer and curator living in Bristol, UK, who recently graduated from UWE with a First-Class Honors in Photography.

His photographic work is centered around psychological interpretations of stories. Through his interest in the motivations behind people’s actions and by looking at human connections through personal narratives, he attempts to explore our collective psyche further. Years of personal development in psychology has inspired and influenced Birtles photographic approach and practice. His written work looks at the curiosity of short stories and critical moments, often leaving more unanswered questions than what began.

Lucas hopes to continue his project, 'Something Silver, Something Black', in former Yugoslavia whilst building up a strong writing portfolio for photography focused publications.

Achievements & Experience

Photography Exhibitions and Features:

Photograd Degree Show 2020
Featured in the inaugural edition of Flea Circus Magazine
Selected as part of the South West Collective: Odyssey
'A Positive Thing' displayed as part of the 'IPSEITY' exhibition, Bristol 2020

Writing for:
Loupe Magazine
South West Collective
Bristol 24/7
5.18 Magazine


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Featured Projects:

Cross on the Hill

The initial image in 'Something Silver, Something Black'. The impetus with which it began.

Sarajevan Rose

The center piece of my final project. The solo colour splashing against a predominantly black and white exhibition.

Enes' Mother

Here, one of my interviewees' mother is on her balcony pointing - with arching fingers - towards the locations where Serbian snipers were shooting at them from.

Something Silver, Something Black - Accompanying Video

This is a first draft of an accompanying video to the exhibition version of Something Silver, Something Black

UP Podcast - Episode 1: Inferiority

As well as interviewing online I am curator of the UP Podcast. These discussions have a focus on psychology.