Max Parker


I am a photographer curious about how others develop individual interests and how this impacts on identity, routines and their environment. I am driven to continue making imagery surrounding groups of people.

My latest body of work explored how cycling contributes not only to physical well-being but also promotes mindfulness and good mental health. I did this by attending cycle races and I also volunteered at Bristol Family Cycle Centre. Photographing cyclists in both of these avenues gave me a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and allowed me to streamline my interests within photography.

Achievements & Experience

Working at the cycle centre created an opportunity to use photography as a pivot to contribute to something that others could benefit from. This I see as my greatest achievement in photography as it gave me a sense of direction and honed my photography style.


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Featured Projects:

Discarded Stakes

Stakes left aside at the British cyclocross championships (Shrewsbury)

Raj and Sam

Raj comes into the cycle centre once a week with his carer Sam to contribute to his physiotherapy and to exercise.


A woman stands with her dog waiting for the end of the cyclocross event.

Head to head

Two cyclists race at Shrewsbury


Bicycle frame

A sawn off bicycle frame used in cycle mechanic workshops.