Olumide Osinoiki [Olumedia]


All my accolades and achievements can be credited to the grace of God, hard work, and support from my parents, my peers, my agency, my mentors, my tutors, and my beautiful fiancee. I'm extremely grateful for them all.

The collective effort has built the established freelance practice and reputable brand that is Olumedia. I have had the privilege of working with a number of notable clientele, including but not limited to: the Guardian, the BBC, Bristol Old Vic, Burges Salmon, Babbasa, UWE, Bristol Central Library, Rising Arts Agency, Nesta, Noisy Little Monkey and Darewin (Paris).

My short term goal is to further establish my freelance practice and enjoy the craft I'm so passionate about. Serving people and adding value are my top priorities in that respect.

Long term my ambition is to impact global culture and bring more wholesome entertainment into the mainstream.

Achievements & Experience

My most recent/exciting achievements were graduating with First Class honors and starting a Stills Research role for NPL Media working on a national TV show for Sky Arts.

During my three years at UWE, I have:
- Actively acquired a month-long paid internship with Plimsoll Productions
- Diligently fulfilled a Project Coordinator contract for the Royal West Academy (RWA)
- Gained regular freelance work whilst studying full time in my 3rd year.
- Achieved Featured Artist status at Rising Arts Agency and Trailblazer status at Babbasa Hub
- Produced and Delivered Workshops for a variety of professional clientele
- Spoken on a number of Panels, at Events and many Media platforms (including BBC Points West)
- Featured on Billboards across the City of Bristol as part of #WhoseFuture campaign
- Graduated from UWE's Equity program and received an exceptional service award
- Photographed Sir David Attenborough

Featured Projects:

"Digital Diet" from Social Suffocation

WARNING: To avoid the danger of disconnection, depression or anxiety keep social media away from every living soul. Do not use social media in your bed, with your loved ones or at parties. Social media is not a toy. Do not remain ignorant. Ignorance breeds secrecy.

"Chaotic Good" - Social Suffocation

Social Suffocation was commissioned by SPIN Research Group with support from Martin Parr Foundation and Rising Arts Agency.

Berlin (2019)

Identity Matters

Portrait Project, Sustainable Fashion Campaign, Short Film exposing racial stereotypes. Directed, Photographed, and Performed by Olumedia. Videography by Manoel Akure & Jonny Williams. Edited by Elias Williams, Published by MANDEM. As seen on BBC Points West.

"I am not a failure" - Identity Matters

Heritage and History do not dictate our present. We are not failures. We are people.

Wonder Boy

Commissioned by Bristol Old Vic