Rosie Wittich

I am a photographer who focuses on commercial studio photography.

My personal work is largely studio based still life and portrait work, and through it I have developed a high attention to detail to produce quality and consistent imagery.

My work experience has been predominately commercial with a focus on studio photography as well as some location shoots. This has enabled me to develop valuable team working and communication skills, taught me to work to tight deadlines, and improve my understanding of studio lighting to a high level. I hope to use my work experience and commercial style images

to get a job involving commercial photography.


Solis is a project based around the psychological aspects of sunlight. My research was heavily involved with seasonal affective disorder and with some sufferers of S.A.D themselves. The images each respond to the research I have done by each representing various aspects of sunlight's effects on humans.

Sun Film

This film was made as a response to my research based on seasonal affective disorder. The idea formed from conversations with suffers of the disorder and aims to demonstrate how easily the darkness of the S.A.D period can creep up on you.


This series of images are from a project based on our relationship with single use plastics. It is made up of both studio portraits and still life images.


A studio based series visually exploring different textures.