Rowena Kemnitz Ward

Documentary and editorial photographer based in Derbyshire.

My practice is built on being in the present, immersing myself within an environment. A form of mindfulness that is beneficial to personal well-being and allows raw experience, emotion and atmosphere to be captured. I seek patterns and structure, making connections between people and place to create depth in my images. This depth often materialises through story-telling, with great value placed on research and contextually appropriate representation.

Consistent elements throughout my work are collaboration and experimenting with media beyond photography. Different perspectives are invaluable, and to create instinctively and recreationally provides a body

of work that engages both creator and audience.


Jeong Hyun Kang & Anetta Nalinska. 'Desire to stay in the sun; love of sunlight.' Connection captured by the sun, and the desire to be with those you love.


A series of photographs documenting the variety of culture and expression produced by the inhabitants of Southville, Bristol, UK.

Present Tense.

'Present Tense' is an ongoing body of work built on daily photographic documentation. The foundation of this project is the use of the camera as a vehicle for external awareness and ability to remain in the present.


A documentation of my sister Anastasia from the age of six to twenty. Her presence is consistent throughout my growth as a photographer, a muse of endless inspiration. 'Anastasia' is a testament to the bond between us and the strength of sisterhood.

We'll Always Have Paris.

Documentation of Parisian life during the 2016 flood; the Louvre may have been closed, but the city will always be alive.

Made in Rotterdam.

An anti-fast-fashion campaign containing a collection of garments created from objects found, lost or abandoned on the streets of Rotterdam.