Samantha Corcoran

I'm a photographer and retoucher based in Manchester, UK. Alongside capturing nightlife and music culture, I study psychology through the use of imagery. My projects have explored OCD, phobias and in more recently abjection, through which I've gained an understanding of those subjects, and what it is like to experience or live with them.

I don't limit myself to one genre of photography, enjoying both portraiture and still life as well as the aforementioned areas. I love working with bright studio backgrounds and interesting compositions, which allow me to be creative in post production.

Ab-’jek-shən - 2020

‘Ab-’jek-shən’ is a project exploring the theory of abjection by Julia Kristeva, a theory which explores skin as a layer between life and death. My desire was to challenge the two-dimensional concept of photography, and create depth in an image.

NOT QUITE your ordinary cook book - 2020

Collaboration with graphic designer Rachel Bonner - a project exploring the weird food habits we have, presented in the style of a cookbook. I helped Rachel bring her ideas to life through the use of photography and retouching.

Collaborators: Rachel Bonner (Graphic Design)

Break the stereotype - 2020

Food is a social marker. Used positively, it demonstrates our belonging to a group, however, negatively it provides a justification for discrimination and ethnic stereotype. Sadly, this judgement is not just surrounding food, these posters symbolise how common stereotypes are between cultures.

Collaborators: Rachel Bonner (Graphic design)

Imperfection:Perfection - 2018

'Imperfection:Perfection' is a project exploring obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD. As someone who experiences factors of OCD in everyday life, I presented some of the things I find both satisfying and unsatisfying in a studio environment, this way I have full control over what people see.