Roger Morford

My work tells stories - usually other people's stories. In sound.

I am a broker, the middle-person, a conduit between story-teller and listener.

Bringing their stories to life is a privilege

My passion is to inform and entertain. I have ambitions for future projects to discuss social history, community, and popular culture.

So far, I've had an opportunity to learn, to experiment, play, and take risks.

Press Play..

Order From Chaos: A Periodic Drama (opening scene)

A stranger enters the documentary recording studio. Who is he? What does he want? Scene from a drama-documentary based on the life of Dmitri Mendeleev, inventor of the Periodic Table of Elements. Written, directed and produced by Roger Morford featuring Matthew Barker as Mendeleev and narration by author Tim James.

A Pilot Episode (opening section)

The opening section of a documentary about a commercial pilot grounded through illness. In the full programme he reflects on his career and life in the air. But will he fly again?

The Moonstruck Philosophers (part 1 - Exeter Bridge, Derby)

One of a number of pieces recorded for an interactive walking mobile phone app featuring actor Pete Meakin, for the University of Derby's Being Human Festival exhibition 2019. The app tells the fascinating story of a group of 18th-century thinkers, scientists and industrialists - The Derby Philosophers

Ear Witness: London 2001

A Micro-Documentary. A challenge was set. " Make a documentary that tells a story in 90 seconds... oh, and the theme is 'blue' " This is a true story.

We Need To Talk About Stockwood (excerpt)

Stockwood is a community on the outer edge of the City of Bristol with a large older and elderly community there, what is there to do, and what makes it tick? Produced for BCFM's 12 Communities 1 Bristol - local heritage project.