Independent Audio Producer, Artist and Theatre Maker. I am passionate about building satisfying narrative arcs, rich soundscapes and distilling the human experience in sound.

Achievements & Experience

Charles Parker Award Winner 2019 and featured on BBC Radio 4 'Pick of the Week'.
Episode Producer for the latest season of #QueerAF which was nominated for 3 British Podcast Awards 2020.
Audio Producer for The Bristol Cable's podcast Bristol Unpacked.
Head producer for The Cube Radio Hour for Cube Microplex on Noods Radio.
Part of the In The Dark collective who curate live radio listening events.


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Featured Projects:

Beyond The Ballot

This is my Charles Parker Award for student documentary radio winning, first-ever piece of radio. Played on Radio 4 and featured on Pick of The Week. Fran is a 70-year-old woman living in Bristol, you wouldn't guess that spent years running elections for the UN in dangerous locations.

The Final Touch

Tackling my childhood phobia of cadavers through a series of love stories. From cremated remains mixed with tattoo ink to the rose water used to anoint bodies in a mosque washing room; we meet the people who get up close personal with their dead.

The Cube Radio Hour

A curated patchwork of audio submitted by the members of The Cube Microplex, audio from new producers who I mentor, found footage, archival treats, interviews, field recordings and audio diary snippets, all woven in with music to make an intriguing dreamy meander of a show.

Stone Tapes audio installation

The Stone Tapes project is a site-specific analog audio installation at The Cube Microplex, Bristol. The echos of intense emotional moments in different parts of the building. Resurrected as a hide and seek using micro FM transmitters and personal walkmans.