Independent Audio Producer, Artist and Theatre Maker. I am passionate about building satisfying narrative arcs, rich soundscapes and distilling the human experience in sound.

Beyond The Ballot

This is my Charles Parker Award for student documentary radio winning, first-ever piece of radio. Played on Radio 4 and featured on Pick of The Week. Fran is a 70-year-old woman living in Bristol, you wouldn't guess that spent years running elections for the UN in dangerous locations.

The Final Touch

Tackling my childhood phobia of cadavers through a series of love stories. From cremated remains mixed with tattoo ink to the rose water used to anoint bodies in a mosque washing room; we meet the people who get up close personal with their dead.

The Cube Radio Hour

A curated patchwork of audio submitted by the members of The Cube Microplex, audio from new producers who I mentor, found footage, archival treats, interviews, field recordings and audio diary snippets, all woven in with music to make an intriguing dreamy meander of a show.

Stone Tapes audio installation

The Stone Tapes project is a site-specific analog audio installation at The Cube Microplex, Bristol. The echos of intense emotional moments in different parts of the building. Resurrected as a hide and seek using micro FM transmitters and personal walkmans.