I’m a Real-Time 3D & Immersive Designer with almost 20 years’ experience in the design industry who specialises in Exhibition & Event Design, Retail Experiential & POS and Interior Design.

In 2020 I studied for a Masters degree in Virtual & Extended Realities at UWE Bristol to expand my existing 3D design skill set to include real-time and immersive design. I have gained expertise in virtual architecture, immersive spaces and user experience, and have become a creator of worlds with a passion for world building using real-time technologies.

Virtual Architecture Gallery

A virtual architecture gallery created in Mozilla Hubs for the degree show. The video shows a guided tour and the actual space can be visited at: https://hub.link/qpKKk2R

PDF - click image to view

Virtual Architecture Dissertation

Sample of report - WIP. Based on my dissertation that investigates the design of future spaces using virtual architecture by considering the role of architects and designers and the use of immersive technology.

The Art of Shadows

You are a great storyteller who wishes to learn the ancient traditions of shadow puppetry. Under the tutelage of the shadow master, you will use your own hands to grasp the basics of shadow play, and create a magical realm of shadow creatures that you can reach out and touch.

Collaborators: Amy Stone (Creative, Unity Developer), Wendy Lawn (Character Creation, Unity Developer), Rebeka Igneczi (Creative Direction), Tom Garrett (CGI, Sound, Creative, Unity Developer)

Bristol Light Festival 360

In February 2020 Bristol launched its first light festival - an illuminating & playful celebration of the city - and I went along to film in 360.