Rather than stories with a beginning, middle and end, Anya is interested in creating worlds for an audience to feel like they are a part of.​ Her work focuses on making audiences feel comfortable enough to submit themselves to being fully immersed in a narrative or story-world.

Anya works across and combines a range of mediums including theatre, audio, virtual reality, augmented reality, social games, film & other transmedia content, as well as fine art and illustration.

Anya has recently worked as part of Limina Immersive hosting VR sessions as part of the UK's first cultural VR Theatre, in addition to

freelance work with companies such as Crossover Labs, Curious Directive, Playlines and Exit Productions. She also helped to curate the VR strand of Encounters Film Festival as part of her work with Limina Immersive.

The 2084 Protocol

A multi-sensory, personalised social deduction game exploring ideas of data storage and privacy in a fun, lighthearted way. The game is a 40-60 minute, five-player experience set in a responsive, physical living room space co-created with MA VR students

I Watch You As You Disappear

An interactive, GPS triggered audio experience taking place across Bristol, investigating the disappearance of your friend's sister

Treasure Hunt

An informal, quickly created project for a friend to ease lockdown solitude. Full experience available to view on www.anyatye.com/treasure-hunt

Old Night

Fineliner illustration inspired by The OA

Penny Farthing Family

Fineliner illustration inspired by a photograph found in a charity shop