Having previously specialised in Graphic Design, I wanted to bring my knowledge of design into the immersive industry and explore new ways of designing, viewing and understanding content. With no prior experience of immersive technologies, yet driven to join a new and exciting industry, I pushed myself in my master’s degree and graduated with a distinction. My project, LET’S TALK, was highly commended for a strong, producerly understanding of the needs of the project, whilst also demonstrating an impressive level of organisation and resourcefulness.

I enjoy working across a variety of mediums, including (but not limited to) VR/AR/XR and focus

on inclusive and accessible approaches for immersive storytelling that considers a range of human bodies, experiences and contexts. I try to push the boundaries of how I can immerse users in an experience, whilst eliminating common XR accessibility issues - having previously experimented with room-scale projection mapping installations.


A room-scale, interactive, VR documentary that follows three separate narratives exploring real experiences with mental health. Visualised through volumetric capture and narrated by actors. The overall experience is paired with a necessary decompression zone; this after-care option invites the user to share their own story and encourages conversations with others.

The Gauze

Following an industry brief from The Royal Opera House, we conceptually designed and prototyped a HMD that considered the future of immersive technology, with accessibility being our top priority. The Gauze was designed as a tool for immersive experience and digital performance makers, with both augmented and mixed reality capabilities.

Collaborators: Harrison Willmott (Co-creator), Harry Silverlock (Co-creator)

'MA Virtual and Extended Realities' Lead Image

Commissioned by course leader to create a lead image to be used for the MA Virtual and Extended Realities course, across the website and other promotional material. Drawing from my own personal experience as Alumna, to create an image that represents the breadth, creativity and community of the course.