I'm a creative producer who's super interested in developing experiences that involve extended reality technology and strive to captivate people into states of immersive enjoyment. I'm a multidisciplinary digital artist and an active contributor to the Cryptoartist community.

Human-centered design practitioner, empath, experience artist, scholar of the immersive journey, digital sculptor, lens based tools enthusiast, podcast producer and Dungeon Master.


Memoriam is a speculative mixed reality ‘celebrant’ experience where we step into the memories we’ve collected of a loved one. Instead of visiting a granite slab signifying the full stop of a life every year, Memoriam is an extended reality celebration of life. A new grave for the digital age.

PDF - click image to view

The Gauze design document - Co-created project with industry partner The Royal Opera House Audience Labs

The Gauze was the result of a collaborative design brief. Working with Annette Mees, myself, Yan Soar and Harry Silverlock developed the design for an accessible, multi-reality tool to enhance ROH performances. We chose to bring the traditional opera glass concept into the digital age.

Collaborators: Harry Silverlock (Co-creator), Eirian Soar (Co-creator)

Sync In - Collaborative final project with Kassie Headon and Christina Constantinou

A collaborative project with Kassie Headon and Christina Constantinou. We had a desire to create multi-medium, mixed reality cooperative immersive experiences, encouraging people to work together while in an experience, transitioning from an immersive theatre space into spatial computing spaces. Essentially, we wanted to create “The ‘Milgram’s Reality-Virtuality Continuum’ Experience”.

Cryptoart related activity after completing the MA

Serena Tabacchi from the Museum of contemporary digital art interviews me about my journey into the cryptoart art community. I used extended reality tools like tiltbrush and photogrammetry to create some artworks that I then sold for Ethereum on the Known Origin platform: https://knownorigin.io/heyhazmus