I’m a young photographer, videographer and extended realities (XR) creator in South West of England. I have a self-motived work ethic, a professional approach and a light-hearted manner, with a passion for telling stories about cultural heritage and the natural world.

I am a recent graduate of BA Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University and MA Virtual Reality at The University of the West of England, awarded first-class honours in 2018 and distinction in 2020 respectively.

Over time I have become a jack-of-all-trades, with skills ranging from timelapse photography to 360-degree film and from product photography to volumetric capture

and most things in between. I am always looking to learn new skills and find innovative ways of telling

The Story of the Seal Skeletons

Working with the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust and Rose Summers we created a VR experience about two of the Trust's seal skeletons, Septimus and Augusta. Designed as an educational tool for all ages groups, the experience invites and encourages curiosity and engagement with endangered grey seals.

Augmented reality iPad app showing an animated sea turtle, detailing the species' extinction.


Sanctuary is an augmented reality experience that looks to engage audiences in conversations about climate breakdown, by providing a retrospective look at the extinction of species in the natural world from the year 2500.

A beach scene, with sand in the foreground and a nude couple embracing, stood close to a sofa.

Virtual Love Islands

Are you ready? Are you beach body ready? We see thousands of images of mediated nudity but rarely get the chance to experience ‘real’ bodies that haven’t been cherry-picked, polished and photoshopped. This interactive 3D documentary explores themes of love, intimacy, nudity, consent and objectification in VR.