I am a recent UWE MA Wildlife Filmmaking graduate with a passion to capture stories exploring the world we live in and the people who call it home. I have an undergraduate degree in Human Geography (BSc), can self-shoot and edit and have experience researching and planning personal UK based and international shoots. I have worked with fixers and translators in Cambodia for my final MA project and filmed in remote environments including minefields. My film Scratching the Surface is currently a finalist in the 2020 BAFTA Student Film Awards. Recently, I have been working on projects with Off

the Fence, and Project Impact for National Geographic. I am also currently creating content for a Chinese educational app.

Scratching the Surface

Scratching the Surface follows the extraordinary work of APOPO as humans and rats work together to clear landmines in Cambodia and the impact this work is having for those who have no choice but to live alongside landmines.