Inka Cresswell


Inka Cresswell is a Wildlife filmmaker and underwater photographer. After studying a B.Sc degree in Marine Biology she noticed a strong disconnect between science and general awareness. She decided to combine her passion for underwater photography and interest in marine biology and conservation, to create wildlife documentaries that focus on the underwater world and reconnect people with nature.

Through her photography she tells stories about research efforts, conservation successes and defeats, and works to change peoples perspectives of some of our most misunderstood species.

With her camera and scientific journals as her weapon of choice, she fights to change the way we interact with the natural world. She hopes that her work will not only educate and inspire a new generation of conservationists, but arm them with the tools they need to educate others and drive real conservation impact.

Achievements & Experience

Researcher at Wildspace Productions: I am currently working for Wildspace Productions as a researcher on their new landmark Oceans series for Netflix.

Primary Underwater Camera Operator: During my MA I was able to secure a job as the primary underwater camera op on a One show episode about Blue Sharks. I had the incredible opportunity to watch my shark footage play on BBC.

My student film 'MY 25: The Ocean Between Us' was shortlisted for the Jackson Wild World Wildlife Day film showcase. I was invited to attend an amazing celebratory event at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

I speak publicly about ocean conservation. As an influencer in the dive industry, I was recently invited to give a talk at BOOT, the world largest water sports show and GoDiving.

Featured Projects: