Isaac Stirling

Primarily a naturalist with an interest in British wildlife, Isaac is an aspiring natural history

Currently a self-shooting researcher at Off the Fence Productions, Isaac makes short films
for BBC One’s The One Show as part of a team looking for tales of all shapes and sizes to
engage a prime-time, general UK audience.

Using his job and side projects with ex-Masters students and other young filmmakers in
Bristol, Isaac is practicing the skills he learned through his degree to source, shoot, edit and produce films exploring the wildlife that surrounds him.

He hopes that his enthusiastic storytelling will inspire his

viewers to notice more nature, and learn about the wonders of the natural world along with him.

The Bees' Needs

Short documentary exploring pollinator decline in the UK and how bee-fans and conservationists alike are trying to save them. As part of MA Wildlife Filmmaking final project.

MA Wildlife Filmmaking Screening Poster

Poster/coverpage of MA course's premiere screening/films schedule of MA course's particpants' films.

The Bees' Needs Poster

Poster for final MA Wildlife Filmmaking project - The Bees' Needs.