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I grew up close to Richmond Park in London, quickly developing an interest with the natural world, and teaching myself photography and filmmaking in my spare time. In 2017, I graduated with a BSc in Zoology from the University of Bristol, and followed this with an MA in Wildlife Filmmaking at the University of the West of England, which I graduated from in 2019.

When I first learned that there are more tigers in private ownership in America than in the wild, I knew I had to make a film about it. The Housecats explores the lives of these tigers and the people who care for them, under the shadow of a new law that could end this trade forever. Travelling across America and meeting these people was an eye-opening experience that broke down multiple pre-conceptions for me, and I hope this film sparks the same debate in its viewers.

Achievements & Experience

After graduating in late 2019, I worked at Oak Island Films as the researcher for the upcoming BBC2 Family & Me series with presenter and wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan, which saw me help develop a series to commission, as well as participate on recces and shoots internationally. I have just begun a new role as researcher for a National Geographic series at Off The Fence. In the past, I have also undertaken work experience placements at Silverback Films and Doghouse Post-Production, as well as self-shot and produced promotional films for the Festival of Nature in spring 2019.

The Housecats was self-shot, self-edited, and self-produced, and represents a major learning curve as my first step into wildlife documentary production. It has been screened internationally and nominated for multiple awards, including at including at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, the 36th annual Festival Du Cinéma Européen, and the Godollo Nature Film Festival.


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Featured Projects:

The Housecats

With more tigers living in private ownership in America than in the wild, the short documentary 'The Housecats’ explores the lives of these tigers and the people who care for them. Could a new law help end this trade forever?

'The Housecats' Film Poster

Poster for my student film, 'The Housecats'.