Ruth Feby Carissa

Ruth Feby Carissa (aka Feby or Ruby) is an Animator from Indonesia, specialized in Character Animation. She loves to bring character to live, gave them feeling and expression through acting and animation. Animation is perfect for her to express herself and tell stories in a interesting and creative way. She enjoys the whole process of creating an animated film and also skilled in design and concept art, CG rigging, and Compositing.

Hands Full

Hands Full is simply a story about a day of a high school girl's daily life which depict mostly by hands, showing how hands could bring a lot of motion and emotion by its own.

Mou's Morning Routine

A quick stop-mo animation I did early in the midst of pandemic to encourage people and remind them to take a breather whilst quarantined at home. Just like how Mou starts his morning!

So... I kinda got scammed..

Line animated short based on my experience getting an internet scam.

Autumn Leaf

A digital painting of the lovely Autumn.