Max Kyte

Max is a young writer and actor graduating from UWE Bristol in 2021.

Whilst studying at university, Max has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, become a member of the National Youth Theatre, started his own theatre company, been elected treasurer of the UWE Drama Society, and completed a course at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

He has also worked with/written for Playing Up and Northern Stage, JustOut Theatre, LoudVoicesSilentStreets, the National Youth Theatre, The Factory, UWE Drama Society, BBC, ITV, and various student projects on campus.

Outside of writing and acting, Max studied film directing, becoming a member

of the BFI Academy in 2014. Currently, he's taken up photography as a hobby and encourages you to check out both his photography and drama Instagram pages.

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7.83 is an abstract drama that follows six individuals as they discover a mysterious light source in an otherwise barren land.

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Manon is a wartime drama that follows two German deserters and an orphaned French teenager as they coincide inside a war-torn village to escape their past mistakes and forthcoming enemy forces.

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Grieving over personal circumstances, Fionnuala finds herself trapped inside an old-fashioned café, wasting her life away. Here, she easily manages to criticise and find fault with the bleak world that surrounds her, unaware as to where she is and why.

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Paperman Patrick.

Paperman Patrick is a meta-comedy that follows a young boy who wakes up in a mysterious land under the control of a maverick God who controls reality. Written in 2019.

La Jetée.

This was part of Max's final project for the avant-garde module. The piece explores the every day, how we perceive life on a daily basis and how it's remembered.

Hamlet - Act II, Scene II monologue.

A monologue performed for the first semester Acting for Screen exam. In this scene, Hamlet is expressing his sadness and misery for the world and the state of Denmark following his father's death.

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