Katie Vince

I enjoy creating bold and experimental textile pieces that can be used across interiors as well as fashion design. i like to specialise in knitted textiles as I find it so fulfilling creating a whole new material composition, making a fabric sample up from various yarns fuels my creativity. I see myself working In the sports industry designing uniforms and leisurewear for football teams or sportswear brands, incorporating unique knitted statement pieces into the designs. I'd like to experiment with the various types of sports yarns and study the science behind them to improve productivity and comfort.

Fulham FC away view

A knitted intarsia piece designed from one of my own images at Fulham's football ground- craven cottage.

intarsia knit contextualised

Contextualisations of the stadium intarsia samples. modelled on a denim jack that I traditionally wore to all football games.

illustrations from my football travels

Illustrations I used to map out and create my intarsia collection designs and basic colour blocked composition. also shown as a print onto a classic football top silhouette.

a study into football mascots

An exploration of the identification within the football community and the history of my identity as a girl in a crowd of boys.

Sublimation print design

Print design created to express my feelings about being a female fan of a male-dominated sport. shown through the identity of mascots in football clubs, a huge identity for all fans.

creating an intarsia sample

A timelapse video of me creating an intarsia piece. this is the Fulham FC image that I knitted from home while in a lockdown.