Rob Henman

An aspiring editor with skills in Avid and Adobe. I love being a part of the final construction, watching how individual shots finally come together. Editing is the process that got me into filmmaking and continues to be the path I want to take in the future. In parallel, I have also been developing my skills as a production sound recordist. Over the last few years at UWE I have been practicing this skill, how to conceal microphones, and how to record a good mix.

Le Baiser: Special Edition

A comedy film about students attempting to make a film during the pandemic. Editor.

World of Clowns

A documentary about clowns: their current perception, their political links and what the future of clowning holds. Editor.


A woman trapped within a low end supermarket job quits to start her life anew. After escaping her job she leaves for the beach; her first sense of freedom. Editor.

Roll For Me

A film about Dungeons and Dragons players who enter the reality of the game they are playing. Sound Recordist.