Alex Boss

Throughout my practice, I have looked at data and systems to help me create a specific way of working. Growing over time, the work has taken a route towards colour representation and the change of colour that can happen when the print material is changed. Having heavily focused on strong colour accuracy in previous works, finding a looser element to my work was something that I had struggled to find, but now my practice is set up a lot stronger for future projects and taught me to be less rigid with my work - anything can work! That development

has also come with using different materials such as silk and cotton, which has also given the work a greater use of scale, and how that can affect the colours of the work and the original system used.


Here is data set of 5 countries. The colours here represent the countries flag and the angled shape in the middle represents the rate from what particular data was chosen through an angled position,


This is the same data from TOTEM1 but here I have inverted the colours. Here was where I thought more about colour theory and how it changes dependant on what material used.