April Kirkwood

This performative and evolving autobiography surveils and cannibalises my body as a labyrinth; exploring territories of the Monstrous-Feminine and transitory stages of becoming through cycles of life, death and decay and metamorphism. Spectacle, abjection and the grotesque are nested deep within my practice, together incubating the shedding and regeneration of different bodily selves. Parthenogenesis and asexual reproduction have become metaphors within the work that allow me to mash notions of fertility, ritual, destruction, alchemy, mythology and religion.

:interested in collaborative movement work, body works, artistic direction, performance, installation.

-Winner of UWE's 'Action and Innovation Scholarship', awarded £1000 to develop my

practice through my project titled “The Power of the Monster in Womanhood and the Category of the Other.”
-Selected member of VGRG Research Group
-Covered in Vavavoom Magazine

:Full video work can be accessed via a website link



1/5 body-montage series, 2020


Soft, 2:27

1/2 two channel video installation, 'Soft Tissue' , 2021


Tissue, 6:28

2/2 two channel video installation, 'Soft Tissue', 2021

Weigh, 1:06

single channel video, 2021

Proboscis, 0:51

single channel video, 2020


1/3 body-montage series, 2020