Ewan Jameson

Focusing primarily on mediums such as moving image and sound, Ewan's practice explores the relationships between visual and audio and how they can incorporate a space.

His ideas often stem from themes of depression, anxiety and isolation. He says 'my work becomes a platform to process and explore these emotions, turning them into something positive'. He is interested to discover the impact these themes have on the human experience and where they sit in society, aiming to highlight the absurdity of existing within a 'normal' life.

Why do we feel the way we do?

How do we behave in response to

these emotions?

How do our emotions change our perception of the world?

Photo of FLASH No.3 installed taken by Ewan Jameson


2021, Moving Image, 2m 01s (looped), Installation View


Video of Installation View

Photo of FLASH No.7 installed taken by Ewan Jameson


2021, Moving Image, 1m 02s (looped), Installation View