Ellis Brown

I am a character designer with an affinity for drawing powerful female characters. All of my biggest inspirations are the ladies of my favourite franchises like Mortal Kombat, Super Mario and of course the Goddesses in various mythologies, which all directly inspired this project. I designed various Goddess characters for a potential game I dubbed ‘Divine Intervention’ in which the players fight to gather the most worshippers. Video games and the Concept Artists that work on them have always influenced how and what I draw, these inspirations have accumulated and continue to shape who I am as an artist

whilst honing my individual voice.

Goddess of Love Concepts

Early concepts for Love, I started out with more Warrior-like designs. She is also adorned with loose, elegant fabrics to define her softer nature.

Goddess of Wine Concepts

I had the idea that this Goddess was once a renowned and skilled Warrior but now prefers to celebrate her victories with elaborate parties and plenty of wine

Goddess of Rage Sketch

The Goddess of Rage, though she is usually rather reserved, her immense power is pent up and she unleashes it with fury against her enemies. Through this sketch i wanted to express that control and readiness to strike.

Goddess of Love, Bloom and Tempest

Concepts for the Goddesses, I wanted to show them wielding their powers in fun, dynamic poses. These are some of the earlier ideas I had in designing and refining the Goddesses.

The Goddess of Darkness- Ethereal Shadow

Final image of one of my Goddesses, Darkness. She looms from the shadows as her power glows. I chose her as one of my final two as she and Love are opposites in their nature and presentation.

The Goddess of Love- Infatuation of Forever

Another of my final images, the Goddess of Love. I knew I wanted to have her as one of my final selection of Goddesses as Aphrodite has always been my favourite Greek Goddess. Her power is not offensive, but nurturing.