Yvonne Eng

Yvonne is an all-rounded individual who has a creative eye on different aspects and is able to creatively engage innovations in projects of different types, as she comes from a strong public relations, event management and journalism background. Her artistic hobbies such as photography and digital illustration helps her work stand out.

Personality wise, she is very friendly, well-liked by peers and approachable by anyone. She is always willing to go the extra mile and eager to learn new things. Her passion is her biggest motivation to thrive in the creative industry.

Public Relations Development Plan

This features several presentation slides of a group PR campaign plan pitch tailored for the British Caving Association to improve their internal and external communications as well as membership issues, according to their requests.

Charity fundraising event

This features the instagram page of the Christmas fundraising event "Season Hopes 2020" co-hosted by Yvonne. She was in charge of social media designing and posting, as well as marketing and managing artist relations.

Social Media post

This features the Facebook post made on The Ken Stradling Collection written by Yvonne. She was in charge of social media analytics, ideas and post imagery, as well as client relations.