Frederick Nickerson

Frederick Nickerson is a young photographer who sees the world slightly differently from the average person. Always finding those moments that would otherwise have just slipped past, he always seems to make any place interesting. Driven by passion and a keen interest in the roots of photography, Frederick explores both digital and analogue pathways to produce images that are not only well composed but appropriate to the content. Keen to reflect the ever-changing social agenda of the day, Frederick is not against being in amongst the action to capture the perfect shot.

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Material Domination

A practice-led research project exploring photographic materiality through a string of experiments resulting in a series of images that encourage the audience to consider the materiality of the photograph over the subject of the photograph.

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Footprints are individual; paths are social

To what extent does the fragility of the world map the unseen movements of human existence? A series of images documenting the unseen movements of human existence through the fragility of the surface of the world.

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What does it truly mean to be masculine?

Masculinity explored through a series of images that represent what it really means to be masculine rather than what society has turned it into. This project aims to evoke questioning within the audience by exposing society's simplified meaning of masculinity.