The body of work is called ‘The Ballad of Singing Stones.’ the project is the product of visits and observations made at different historic locations combined with my research into old ballads and the location’s history. The combination of the elements is displayed in artwork, illustrations, photos and an information website.

I wish for my audience to experience some of the journeys I have been on and allow them to explore my findings. The project is related to my previous assignments look into local history and its link to the local environment. Much of my work has an interest in

people and their relationship with the land; environmental anthology.

The multi-disciplined approach of techniques has developed a strong base for my print practice. I feel confident to execute many of the traditional print methods. I like to connect history with fantasy creatively and feel this is my next step.

Cruel Mother

Lino cut 13cm x 9cm

Quare Bungle Rye

Stone Lithograph A2

Mother's Quilt

9 layer Screenprint A1

Lady Spens

Polymere etching on parchment 24cm x 20cm