Zach Knott

Zach Knott is a contemporary photographer who creates photo works in response to his personal experiences and curiosities, keeping his visual approach broad and unique to each project; he often utilises a combination of observed landscapes and constructed fine art portraiture to communicate his intended narratives. The outcome of Zach’s work is heavily influenced by the subject or theme he is documenting, resolving in work that resonates with himself and his subject matter.


Zach’s ongoing project ‘Vindicatrix’ was conceived during his time spent in self-isolation, documenting the local history of the derelict 1960's merchant navy training ship Vindicatrix.

Isolation Activites

A playful series created in the first UK lockdown, using a home-studio as a canvas to illustrate the many 'activities' of self isolation.

Covid Self Portrait


An introspective reflection on myself and the places I call home

Jake X Topaz

My brother, Jake, and his snake Topaz. These images show the growth in our relationship while addressing the unsteady sibling affection.

Norwegian Fjords / Lomochrome Purple