Andreas Fobes

I am an artist and animator originally from Ottawa, Canada. My filmaking process is spontaneous and iterative; I create and edit together bits of animation, music, and sound, allowing themes and conceptual ideas to emerge from the interplay of these formal elements. Animation combines many forms of art and I believe its interdisciplinary nature makes it very accessible. This conviction motivates my desire to teach and share my fascination with this versatile medium.

Stick Shift Preview

A short preview of my film 'Stick Shift'. Animation, music and sound by myself.


A group film I directed, animated, and scored, along with animation from Catherine Graham and Katy Dunn.

Phasing Wings

An experimental animation playing with loops that slowly go in and out of phase with each other. Music and animation by myself.

Landscape Loop

A looping landscape from my film 'Stick Shift'. Animation, music and sound by myself.

Walking Intruments

An experiment with digital puppet animation using characters made from a collage of instruments from the MET's collection.