Alix Murray

I am a Stop-motion Puppet Fabricator and Costume Designer. When possible, I love to allow my own personal experiences to inform my work. I seek inspiration from nature, mythical creature illustrators, day to day occurrences, and films. During my studies at UWE, I have explored building basic wire armatures to soldering ball and socket joints. I am always ready and willing to learn new skills and techniques for puppet making and other areas of model-making. I have recently finished and enjoyed translating two very different and unique two-dimensional characters into puppets that were illustrated by two

of my peers. In addition, I will soon turn my own mythical character illustrations into puppets.

A puppet created by Alix of mythical creature

The Amusing Adventures of Alfie (Murray, 2022)

This is Alfie, a cute and cheeky creature. I translated this character from an original illustration drawn by Julia Henauer, 2019.

Process of Making Alfie

Julia Henauer's character illustration is in the first image. As I had sculpted Alfie, this has helped me to overcome potential problems I may have had with building the armature. I have successfully created this puppet.

Leela (Murray, 2022)

This is another puppet that I have translated from a two-dimensional character that Eden Fixman designed for me.

Miniature Costume Making

Documenting the development of making Leela's costume.

Process of Making Leela

Eden Fixman's character illustration is in the first image. There have been challenges with making this armature but I have completed this puppet. More about Leela and this near-future project can be viewed on my website.

Graduation Making of Film