Tin Stanton

Tin Stanton is a creative artist from Bristol with a passion for painting. His study of traditional impressionist techniques and his experience as a photographer enable him to deliver the dramatic through the use of colour and light, giving his paintings an intrinsically cinematic feel.

His ongoing futuristic exploration ‘Visitors’ is a collection of beautiful yet haunting paintings underpinned by a dark, insightful world of drawings, photographs, digital works, sculpture and text, which raise questions about aspects of our own futures in a way that is both convincing and compelling.

With several works claiming finalist positions in galleries in London, Birmingham

and Doncaster in 2021, Tin Stanton has also had his own solo exhibition in the D31 Art Gallery, Doncaster in 2022.


Acrylic painting on 1m x 1m canvas. This, the first piece of the Visitors series paved the way for further paintings and studies, eventually leading to the creation of a futuristic universe. Displayed in the D31 Summer Exhibition, Doncaster 2021.

Above New London

Digital artwork. Mixing original photography and digital art, this work of London in 2084 ended up in print twice, claiming finalist positions in both Round Lemon's 'April Fish' exhibition (Birmingham) and The Artist Lounge Artist of the Year 2021.

From Dust

Coloured pencil on 30x42cm card. This piece was selected and displayed as part of the UK Coloured Pencil Society 20th Anniversary Gala Exhibition in the Bargehouse, Oxo in London in 2021.

Visitors II

Ink painting on 1m x 1m canvas. This, the second large painting from the Visitors series appeared in the 'Objects In Mirrors Are Closer Than They Appear', an exhibition with UWE / Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge in the Centrespace Gallery, Bristol 2022.

The Towers II

Acrylic painting on canvas board 30x25cm. This work from 2022 has already appeared online in the Doncaster Art Fair 2022 and on display at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2022 in London.

Visitors - Year One Edition 2083/2084

The Visitors project is a collection of paintings, explained and expanded within a book. This edition, created entirely within one year, is an example of what the finished book may look like, with over 100 pages and 200 images.