Maddy James

I’m Maddy, a creative director and image-maker.

My practice is driven by challenging societal norms, pushing boundaries surrounding representation and capturing real people. I create work featuring diverse non-model casting in the hope of changing the industry's lack of inclusivity. My work has a documentary feel, using interview processes and primary research to create narratives. The mediums I use are both digital and analogue photography, with my practice extending to art direction, casting and styling.

As I evolve as a fashion creative, my ambitions are to work for a brand with values surrounding sustainability, honesty and creativity. I have

enjoyed working towards live briefs for brands throughout university, and can create content reflecting a brands visual identity. Alongside my image-making, I enjoy coming up with creative solutions for a brands visual output to development and strengthen their channels.


Twenty-Something captures a group of friends navigating life during their twenties. It follows Kate, Tori, Elise, Katie and Beth as they discuss the pressures they are currently facing and the uncertainty of the decade.

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Ganni Unite

Proposed brand strategy for the Danish brand Ganni. #GanniUnite is a campaign which celebrates individuality, community and diversity. Flipping the original and narrow #gannigirls community to represent everyone with an emphasis on age, race, gender, size and sexuality.

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Behind Closed Doors

Behind closed doors is a project exploring the relationships between bedrooms and identities. I captured people in their bedrooms to see whether their surroundings matched their personalities and interviewed them with questions about their relationships with their rooms.