I am a trans-non-binary multi-disciplined creative, confident in graphic design, styling, production, editing & photography.

My practice is focused on being vibrant & bold while injecting a sense of humour, surrealism & queerness into every project I create, both personal & professional.

I have previous experience working as a freelance graphic designer, creating social assets, branding & logos for clients, including radio station NOODS, Bristol band Adult Leisure, and music management agency Your Fault.

In my degree, I have taken on art direction, styling, creative direction and photography roles, as well as creating a variety of personal publications. My key

achievements in this context were working with fashion publication TANK Magazine on a live brief, and self-funding and curating a long-form magazine showcasing queer artists, which was nominated for the Terry Mansfield Digital Publication Award as part of Graduate Fashion Week.

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DRENCHED IN SWEAT COLLECTION 001 [GENDER, SEX & GUTS] - Self published long form publication

DRENCHED IN SWEAT 001 is an upcoming long-form publication focused on showcasing & celebrating outsider art by queer creatives. Across the 100 page magazine works in a variety of mediums from over 20 creators, & my own work.

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WISH YOU WERE HERE - Self Published Zine

Branded as a ‘graveyard of abandoned projects’, this print zine compiled various digital art of mine from 2019-2021, presenting in a hectic digital collage format. I self-published this zine in late 2021 & have sold it via my web-store

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HAPPY ASHLEY 21' - Campaign Proposal for Ashley Williams AW21

This proposed campaign for Ashley Williams AW21 was inspired by the tattoo & piercing enthusiast magazines of the early 90s referenced throughout the collection. I created an in-depth brand identity, using a mixture of physical collage, photography, and digital graphics.

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LONG LIVE THE QUINN - Campaign Proposal for Richard Quinn 20'

This proposed campaign for Richard Quinn AW20 explores the past, present & future of the brand and its output, through digital and physical promotional strategies released in phases. Conceptualised by Alfie White, with art direction & graphics by me.

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RUN RABBIT RUN! - Editorial Proposal Live Brief for TANK Magazine

This editorial was proposed for a Spring issue of TANK, centred around recreation. We aimed to create something which struck an equal balance between images that are garment focused, and ones which are humour & story-driven.

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Personal project exploring my own experiences with gender dysphoria, experimenting with different mediums, digital & practical to visualise this.